5 Simple Tricks for Bathroom Cleaning

Let’s be serious for a second; at any given time there are 37 other things I’d rather be doing than cleaning bathrooms. The only caveat is that dirty bathrooms are just nasty and I can’t enjoy any of the other 37 things I’d like to do if I know the bathrooms need attention. So I try to get it done properly but without wasting time. Here are 5 simple tricks that I find make bathroom cleaning easier!

5 simple tricks for cleaning the bathroom:

  1. Spray your shower and bathtub with cleaner, then let it soak for a few minutes to sink in and activate. I usually spray, clean the toilet, then go back to the shower.
  2. When you’re done cleaning the toilet bowl, place the toilet brush under the seat to drip dry while you clean the shower/bath and sink. This prevents the yucky toilet water dripping on your seat and floor and saves you from having to clean THAT too.
  3. ¬†After cleaning the toilet, spray the toilet brush with an all-purpose cleaner and pour a little bit of the cleaner in the holder before you put it away. This isn’t really a bathroom cleaning tip, but it’ll keep your brush cleaner and less germy.
  4. Use a dish cleaning wand (filled with bathroom cleaner) to clean the shower and tub. It helps give a little extra reach up high and down low. It also can be filled with cleaner to give you an added boost to scrubbing.dishwand
  5. After you’re done sanitizing them, wipe the faucets down with wax paper. It prevents water marks so they are spotless until the next time you clean them!

Hope this helps you move onto on the 37 other things!

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