The ‘Write’ Therapy

What if you went to the doctor because you were stressed and having anxiety attacks? Would you accept a prescription for drugs and/or make changes to your diet and exercise if it was recommended? What if you were given a prescription to write your thoughts down every day – would you give it a try?

In our wonderful digital world, the convenience of typing and voice command typically overrides the simplicity of grabbing a pen and some paper and actually writing things out. I’m not complaining as I’m the first to grab my phone for 90% of anything I have to write – from grocery lists to reminders and emails. But I’m learning that when we’re feeling anxious or sad or stressed out, writing can be beneficial and even therapeutic.

Here’s a wonderful article that gives some great insights as to how writing daily can help lower stress, improve overall health and even help with weight loss:

Change Your Life by Writing About It


Happy Journaling!

– Andryanna


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