Overnight Hair

I love getting my hair done. I love the salon, the stylists, the coffee, the gossip magazines – and leaving with a shiny, fresh blowout. I’d love to get my hair done every day if I could! I don’t however, ‘love’ doing my own hair. It takes time and patience and commitment and did I mention time?! This may be one of the reasons why you will often see me with a ponytail if I’m out and about. It’s just so much easier! But I can’t always sport the pony so I try to make a nice style last. The last time I was at the salon, two of the amazing stylists shared a cool and easy way to get loose, pretty curls overnight! So I gave it a try and loved the results. All you need is a fabric head band. Not only is this easy, but it’s a major time saver and gives your hair a break from heat styling. Here’s what to do (caution – major selfie’s were taken here!):

Overnight hair – (thank you to Jackie & Trevor at Pandemonium Salon by Trevor Altson!)

Step 1: shower and towel dry hair. Put a little product in if you like [I used a tiny amount of Sei Bella Soft Hold Styling Creme (Adds soft, touchable hold for a variety of styles, smoothes frizz, enhances shine, and provides Protection Complex Technology that delivers color, thermal, UV and anti-breakage protection)]. Put your headband on, hippie style, so all of your hair is under the band.










Step 2: take a 2-3 inch section of hair, wrap it up and tuck it around the headband (I had to wrap each piece around about 3-4 times). Do this until you run out of hair and look as awesome as this 😉 Now sleep on it – literally!
Wrap and tuck hair










wrap all hair into band










look awesome










Step 3: take off your headband and run your fingers through your hair (I forgot to take a photo of the curls when the headband came off – but they just looked like tight curls). Add a little spritz and you’re done [I used Sei Bella Classic Hold Finishing Spray (create well-behaved, touchable tresses with natural hold and soft shine without causing flakes or stickiness)]. I decided to pin back the front pieces, mostly because my little guy loves pulling my hair!

 Overnight Hair5Overnight Hair7
Give it a try and tell me what you think!
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